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NO 4 Rose powder candle 90 gr - WABI-SABI

169 kr

No 4 Rose Powder

The notes are: citrus, powdery rose, ylang-ylang and orange blossom .

Citrus fruits bring pep's here and balance the powdery rose and its retro style.

Wabi-Sabi candles are made in a small workshop by hand in Brittany. These candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax (no GMO, no phthalates). The wick is made of wood to ensure a warm crackle. Apothecary amber glass pots give these candles a look of yesteryear, these pots come from a French SME and are recyclable. Kraft labels are recycled. Each candle tells a story and will make you travel.

We also declined each candle in version to perfume : the vegetable mist See in Wabi-Sabi, an acceptance of time passing:

`As if the objects that surround us, were aging by telling us a story`.....

Burn time 25 hrs

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